Update with Feature Entry

Feature Wiki Entry: The Nornic Triad.

Things are getting a bit more regular and orderly now, and I’ve started updating again.

Because of some events involving computers, I’ve lost a bit of data but am still working on episode summaries. Please keep checking for updates and for feature wiki entries and character profiles.

The Ongoing Tale
A summary of the story thus far.

This is a summary of the story of Blackthorn as it has transpired to this point, including Episodes 1-7. Each episode will have its own page, which will be updated periodically as I work on recording everything.

More will be added soon, so feel free to keep checking back.

Update: December 5th, 2007 18:00

The first episode summary is up now, and the rest should be coming along a bit more quickly. Keep checking the Wiki and NPC tracker for more information.

Update: January 6, 2008 My computer is currently down, compounding recent situations and making it harder to get an update up. When things are in working order again, some updates can be expected.

Episode 1: An Abandoned Flower

Episode 2: Something Hollow

Episode 3: The Bridegroom

Episode 4: She Is Casting Rain

Episode 5: The Red Light

Episode 6: Also Autumn Seeks the Spring

Episode 7: Those Who Watch the Leaves Fall


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