A swirling vortex of displaced dead


The Crochan is Gilda’s Spirit Companion as provided by the Spirit Companion trait.

It’s ability scores are:

  • STR:—
  • DEX:—
  • CON:—
  • INT: 0
  • WIS: 3
  • CHA: 4

It has access to the following powers:

  • Cure
  • Break Spell
  • Hex
  • Glamour
  • Mind Touch
  • Plant Shaping
  • Enhance Ability
  • Body Control
  • Heart Shaping
  • Cure Condition

It has access to the following manifestations:

  • Mystic Buffer
  • Revitalize
  • Shield the Soul
  • Charm Fate

The Crochan was formed when many different souls called out to Gilda at once, and gravitated towards her with hopes of using her ability to communicate with the departed to make their will known to the world.

At first, it was composed merely of the thirty-six spirits of Gilda’s pupils, who were slain by the demon Vagran under the command of the Court of Rhadamanthus. However, over time, it has grown to include the thirty-six Court members slain by Gilda on the night of her departure from the organization, and the souls of the mortal beings slain during the course of her journey with the others. Over time, the identities of the spirits that compose the conglomeration have faded, leaving behind only a spiritual mass of combined emotions and memories that operate under a collective drive to be heard.

The Crochan is nearly feral, but not altogether malicious. Gilda has learned how to soothe the spirit in such a way that it no longer continually cries out for attention, and it has even exhibited interest in aiding and protecting the witch. Because of the high concentration of witches within the vortex, the Crochan has residual memory of many sorcerous arts, and it can imbue this knowledge to Gilda in exchange for a sum of her spiritual resolve. It can also temporarily touch it’s mistress’s soul and grant it the fortitude it has gained through it’s own solidarity. However, not all of the Crochan’s manifestations are benevolent. While many of the souls that compose it respect or feel connected to Gilda, there are just as many that bear ill will towards her. As a result, it is not uncommon for the Crochan to siphon away Gilda’s life force or cause mysterious wounds to appear on her when it manifests.


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