Hecate, the Judge

  • Arcanum: Justice

Hecate is a fey who arose after the fall of the Kingdom of Faery. She names herself the Judge of mankind, and uses her powers to inflict punishments upon those whom she chooses. What causes her to choose an individual or group of people as worthy of punishment is unclear.

Hecate appears as a grand woman, tall and strong, usually robed in a raiment of rich splendor. Her voice is soft and matronly, her manner composed and graceful. She delivers her sentences with precision and satisfaction, as if dispensing justice to criminals.

Hecate is almost always seen carrying a baby in her arms, swaddled in expensive shrouds. She has revealed at times upon appearance that the baby is really an infant’s skeleton, which she caresses absently. She has been known to use its bones as focii for her magic.

An example of her strange sentences is the fate of the province of Depraz. She laid the land under a spell that would prevent it from moving normally in time. According to her, she would gain one thousand years worth of life from Depraz unless something changed in the world to warrant the sentence’s termination. While under the enchantment, the people of Depraz continue moving and dreaming, but in a stupor, physically aging but never dying or growing hungry or ill. The land of Depraz itself is always dark and misty.

Hecate, the Judge

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