Princess Jubelon


Jubelon, princess of the land of Faery and daughter of Rhea and Kadmon, is the other self of the changeling Mabry Wilhelm.

In Episode 4 “Blood on the Wind Invites the Rain,” Artemis, the Green Faery declares that Mabry’s feyish form is the princess Jubelon, indicated by the omen of her azure hair.

Jubelon is similar to Mabry in appearance with some notable differences. Bright bluish hair, an androgynous but clearly female physiology, lambent eyes, and exotic wings are the distinguishing features. Her wings appear to be made of a substance similar to a butterfly’s wing, iridescent and membranous but with a feathery texture, shaped like the blade of a leaf. She has six such wings that graduate in size, and they are primarily blue-violet in color with an array of less pronounced hues including green and white. The same substance forms patches like plates over certain areas of her skin.

Jubelon has a different personality than Mabry, as evident in Episode 1 “An Abandoned Flower.” When he transforms into Jubelon, she behaves as someone waking from a sleep, unaware of her surroundings. Initially, Jubelon is unable to speak and is irrational. As Mabry becomes more aware of himself as Jubelon, she begins speaking and acting with insight. There seems to be some confusion between the two identities, such as when Jubelon says “Why do you call me Jubelon? Mabry, that is the name I remember.”

Jubelon is often more emotionally forceful than Mabry, demonstrating intense power in anger or excitement.

Princess Jubelon

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