An animated classroom skeleton under Gilda's control


Mary is a 4 hit dice human skeleton. She is not intelligent, nor does she exhibit a real personality of any kind. Her statistics are normal for a skeleton of her type as presented in the rulebook.

Due to her mistress’s abilities, Mary may take on different forms. She is commonly given the Gravechill Wielder template, which gives her 7 ranks in Cold Shaping. She may also take the form of a suit of living chain mail, during which time she has no abilities and can take no actions.


A classroom skeleton used by Gilda when she was an instructor for the Court of Rhadamanthus. Her body is not actually a single skeleton- she is actually composed of the remains of at least three different skeletons.

Gilda would often animate Mary for demonstrative purposes, but after departing from the Court, she animated the skeleton once more to have it carry the belongings she could not carry herself. Upon establishing her atelier in Cerrano, Gilda kept Mary around as an assistant and to serve as a patrol. Mary is capable of following simple instructions such as “attack” and “guard”, much like any sort of animated object. However, she cannot actively patrol an area and determine what constitutes a threat or an invasion of territory, so her primary purpose is to intimidate. Typically, all that is needed is for a Coranzdoran citizen to so much as see the walking skeleton to cause them to go fleeing back to town.

Mary responds to Gilda’s command through telepathy up to a range of 2 miles. If Mary should ever leave that range, she would merely carry out the last command given to her to the best of her ability, and then stand lifelessly until Gilda would return to her range.

Although not terribly proficient, Mary can wield either a scimitar, a rapier, or a crossbow in battle. She cannot equip herself without first being commanded to do it, however. Usually, she is armed with a rapier and ordered to carry it at all times.


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