Royce Christi

Travelling charlatan

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Hair Style: Long, straight, pulled into a neatly trimmed ponytail.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Nationality: Madrepoorean
  • Arcana: Magus
  • Temperment: Capricious
  • Vice: Selfish
  • Virtue: Clever

Royce Christi is wandering vagrant who has made his living by traveling the countryside and deceiving the denizens of small towns and hamlets into believing he is the reincarnation or embodiment of some local saint or hero.

Born to a selkie mother and a sea pirate of a father, Royce was not raised in a household in which scrupulous behavior was given much value. At an early age, he became aware of the motivation that legend and religion held over others, and began to see that such feelings of hope, heroism, and devotion could be easily exploited to make his life more comfortable. Initially, he honed his skill with illusionary magic in order to create “wicked foes” that he would unleash upon the more gullible farmfolk and rural dwellers living across the continent. He would then appear in a town, decorated in illusionary vestments of legend, claiming to be some sacred hero he would have investigated earlier, and would then dismiss his own illusions, thus “vanquishing” the evil beasts, and receiving the gratitude, affection, and most importantly, compensation of the grateful people. He developed a particular affinity for holy artifacts, which he found could turn him a healthy profit on the black market.

For several years, he wandered and tricked town after town, until he came across the village of Coranzdora in the nation of Madrepoor. He unleashed his phantom monsters upon the people, only to find that the already suspicious townsfolk were quick to blame their appearance not on legend, but on the activities of a local woman who was rumored to be a witch. This caused the town to storm the atelier of the woman and force her out of their town.

Royce considered this to be of little importance, until the woman tracked him down and attempted to harm him and expose his lies to everyone he met. The woman, who was in fact a powerful witch once aligned with the Court of Rhadamanthus, agreed to let Royce continue under one circumstance- he would be forced to use all his earnings to repay her for her atelier. Until she could build a new witch’s workshop, he would be forced to give her all his earnings, but in exchange, she would keep his secret safe, and even assist him as needed.

Thus, Royce and the witch Gilda Arhamboras came to be partners by chance, and they began to travel Madrepoor and continue the traveling circus of lies for some time. However, during a con in the city of Arguila, it happened that the city was, in fact, under the spells of a truly wicked presence. During their performance, a coven of vampires attacked the town, causing the people to turn to Royce to save them. Royce responded by shoving Gilda and two other strangers into the heat of an angry mob, robbed Gilda of her possessions, and took their shared carriage and ran to the only place he felt he could avoid the witch’s wrath- the homeland of the nomadic Mawan people- a tribe of gypsies who had once sworn fealty to all fey. Royce had hoped his selkie heritage would inspire a sense of obligation in the Mawan, and would cause them to shield him from Gilda- if she could even manage to find their elusive home.

However, his hopes were in vain, and Gilda tracked him down. Satisfied to merely give him a sound beating, and extend his servitude to her even further, Royce found himself under Gilda’s thumb once more- but his traveling mischief would soon see an end. During their stay with the Mawan, Royce was among the group of travelers that was attacked by the White Knight of the Rose, a high ranking fey noble who sought to exploit the wishes of the ex-Rhadamanthus witch Margarete, who had been traveling with Gilda. In order to keep himself safe from both the Fey Court and the wrath of the Rhadamanthus Athame that tracked after Gilda and Margarete, he ultimately was forced to continue traveling with Gilda and her other companions.

It was later revealed upon entering Faery following the incident at Chateau Chulain that Royce is a half-selkie, and as such is highly vulnerable to effects that would influence the fey. He was nearly driven to madness by the call of the Howler within the sacred land of Faery, and only the continued presence of Hilda Chulain allowed him to maintain a sense of clarity. Upon surviving the encounter with the Luminous Arget, Royce has agreed to help through group only so far as he can be properly protected.

However, while visiting the druid enclave in southern Madrepoor, Royce and Mabry were both dominated by the spirit of Hecate, and turned on their companions with the intent to kill. Eventually, Royce shirked the compulsion, but was nearly killed while trying to engage the Princess Jubelon in battle.

Currently, he is preparing to travel the seas with Ambrose and Hilda in search for the Selkie homeland, where his companions hope to find aid in locating the final Norn, and where Royce hopes to find protection from both the scornful eye of Hecate and the machinations of the Red Court.

Royce enjoys a rocky if not entertaining relationship with his traveling companions. He won’t admit it, but he feels a certain concern for Gilda, although he commonly insults her by calling her a hag or a crone. This is fair blend of resentful complaint and affectionate teasing. He is not particularly fond of the peace-keeper Ambrose, and seems to have little to say about his unusual circumstances, but is quick to comment on his lack of sophistication. He and Margarete tend to bump heads as well, but unlike her fellow witch, Margarete is a good deal less vindicative, and tends to brush off the man’s comments and hi-jinks with a tolerating annoyance, as opposed to knife-play and ancient curses. He is indifferent to the changeling Mabry, but has displayed some discomfort around him after initially being attracted to him in his female form- but not until he discovered that Mabry’s female form and his natural form were the same person. He tends to be the butt of many jokes at the hand of the bibacious Eastern druid Sheng, but tends to write it off (incorrectly) as drunken rambling.

Royce Christi

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