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Premise: Blackthorn is a grim fairy tale. The idea is a fantasy that is both romantic and dark, expressing familiar elements of romantic fantasy blended with ingredients of horror. The stage on which the events of the story are set is a world that is entering into the fullness of its sorrow. Something precious has been lost, and no one knows how to restore it. Rather than exotic creatures of mystique and legend, the role of the fey in the present world is that of disturbing invaders or ferocious monsters. Above them all is the Judge, ambiguous but nightmarish, imposing her will on the helpless land.

A common interest of the players in this desperate game is to find the lost prince and princess of Faery. With its queen and king gone, they may be the only hope to restore balance. But what will really come to pass if they are found is anyone’s guess . . .

The story has strong themes in common with mythology, melding aspects of Norse, Celtic, Greek, Arabic, and even Babylonian myths together into a whole — not to mention drawing from all manner of tales concerning fairies, fey, and their mythical cousins.

As a note, the central characters in the story are each associated with a Major Arcanum of the Tarot, which should be listed in the character’s profile.

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