The Fey

Fey – Also known as the Hidden People and the Fair People, the fey are a race of beings inhabiting Earth alongside humankind. Historically they are thought of as having originated before humans, and are believed to have served over the centuries as protectors of humankind against dangerous or evil beings that roam throughout the cosmos and have power to influence the events of the mortal world. They are similar to humans in form and in nature, except they are universally observed to have supernatural powers, and they live much longer than humans. Some kinds of fey are associated with as aspect of the natural world, or are thought to have arisen from it.

The fey hail from a mysterious realm known as Faery. It is unknown whether Faery exists as a nation on Earth, and is merely inaccessible by conventional means, or if it is in a separate dimension that is closely linked to the human world. Human culture throughout history has been saturated by various customs and myths concerning fey, and a great portion of social development has been influenced by the interaction between the two species. Some peoples have worshipped fey as gods, others have feared and battled with them, and most communities have maintained an attitude of awe and caution concerning fey.

According to observation and legend, all fey are born with some kind of clairvoyance and have a preternatural link to their environment. Mythologically, fey are vaunted as being more aware of the world than humans.

Pari – Pari are a race of fey who are associated with fire and light. According to legend, pari act as stewards to the miraculous bird, Phoenix, and are somehow privy to its powers. Myths portray pari as exceptionally beautiful humans, wreathed with a halo of unburning flame of many subtle hues. They are portrayed as wearing human raiment, are able to fly on their own power, and often bear swords and spears. They are most often sighted in desert regions, like Nirieh Bavau. Pari are among the most just and humanitarian of fey, even after the fall of Faery.

Selkie – A prominent race of waterfey who chiefly inhabit oceans. Characteristically, selkies can change their shape into that of seals and often appear as such. Unlike other waterfey associated with the oceans and seas, Selkies appear to be coherent, communicative, and quite rational. They are a clan-oriented, nomadic race. Selkies are often distrustful of others races, including humans and other fey. Selkies appear to be among the most humanlike of fey, both socially and psychologically.

Sylph – Sylph describes a fey that lives in nature who is elemental, acting as part of the forces of wind, rain, light, heat, or cold. Most sylves are believed to live amongst the clouds, and to be somewhat responsible for many atmospheric phenomena. Sylves typically appear as humans adorned with translucent wings who glow and reflect light. They are the most gossamer of fey, fickle and playful, and though they seem to be peaceful and benevolent, they are dangerous because of their relationship with weather. Destructive storms are often attributed to the actions of sylves, who inadvertently caused the storm.

Waterfey – Fey who inhabit bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, and oceans. Waterfey typically appear to be amphibious, with aquatic features such as gills, scales, or other fishlike aspects. Waterfey are famously shy, peaceful beings, but become very interested in creatures who enter their habitats. According to myths, waterfey often meet cautiously with humans, but will eventually seduce the human, either for its own romantic interest, or according to some stories, to kill and eat the human. Waterfey are recognized as unpredictable and mysterious. Waterfey who dwell in lakes or rivers are usually less feral and more approachable than those who live in the seas and oceans. Practically no attempts to meet with, civilly coexist with, or even comprehend seaborne waterfey have been successful — the only exception being Selkies.

Woodfey – A race of fey that inhabits forested areas of the world, and lives as part of the ecosystem. Woodfey typically shelter or maintain balance in the forest, and often behave aggressively towards those they see as invaders or dangers to the forest. Woodfey include dryads, fey who inhabit trees and who have plant-like qualities. Woodfey are often feral and coexist with native animals, though their attitudes towards humans vary. Woodfey have an apparent, strong relationship with their forest, and if their forest suffers ill, the woodfey is likewise afflicted.

The Fey

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