World Data

Dompuripikast – The northernmost nation of the Opsipicent. Dompuripikast is a region with many mountain ranges and is characterized by a cold climate. The highest reaches in Dompuripikast is occupied by the reclusive society of the Iron Lords.

Heiangyo – A powerful nation that constitutes most of Namidan. It is a large and diverse nation, wealthy both in terms of resources and technological luxuries.

Madrepoor – A coastal nation in the western region of the Opsipicent. It is above Nirieh Bavau geographically.

Namidan – The southernmost continent known to be inhabited by humans. It is a syzygy with the Opsipicent. The name is commonly used in all the linguistic dialects of the Namidanno nations.

The name is clearly Heiangyan.

Nirieh Bavau – The desert subcontinent, it sits near the equator at the center of the land mass composed of Namidan and Opsipicent. Nirieh Bavau is the modern incarnation of the original kingdom called Mav that once thrived in the same region.

Opsipicent – This name, as well as its various cognates, is used to refer to the northernmost human inhabited continent, which is above the desert line (that is, Nirieh Bavau). There are a few major geological continents, but only one prominent land mass – which is large and expansive – is civilized by humankind, and this is divided into two continents.

The name is probably of Preneal origin. Other names are used from language to language, especially below the desert line.

World Data

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