Drawbacks and Drawback Level

Drawback level is figured into the point level of a stunt. In most cases, a drawback can be added to a stunt to lower the point level with Narrator approval.

Fatiguing (-1): Risk fatigue if your save fails.

Exhausting (-2): Action automatically fatigues you.

Self-damaging (-1): Action causes nonlethal damage to the user.

Self-wounding (-2): Action causes lethal damage to the user.

Spend Focus (-1): Action requires the release of mental focus.

Spend Elan (-1): Action requires spending a point of Elan.

Spend Conviction (-3): Action requires spending a point of Conviction.

Scaling (-1): Action has a Difficulty that rises with each use.

Quick Scaling (-2): As Scaling, but Difficulty rises rapidly with each use.

Step Maneuver (-1): Action can be performed as part of a series of steps. In other words, a Step Maneuver can only be used once per encounter normally. Feats, stunts, or other abilities can allow characters to recover Step Maneuvers before the end of the encounter.

Reference Chart
Drawback level Drawbacks
1 Fatiguing, Self-damaging, Spend Focus, Spend Elan, Scaling, Step Maneuver
2 Exhausting, Self-wounding, Quick Scaling
3 Spend Conviction


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