About Stunts

This list is intended to inclusively catalog stunts in such a way that they are easily scanned and can be referenced quickly. The list is not exhaustive as it does not describe every stunt.

In Blackthorn, players are encouraged to devise their own stunts using a system for judging stunt costs and effectiveness.

Stunt points: Each character accumulates stunt points upon gaining levels which can be expended to learn stunts.

Characters gain 2 stunt points per level until 10th level, after which they gain 3 points per level. 1st level characters gain quadruple points (8). Bonus points may be awarded at certain times if the Narrator decides that it is appropriate.

Stunts are listed with an indicated number (i.e. +1), which shall be called the point level. The point level represents the stunt’s total cost, or the number of stunt points that must be expended to learn the stunt.

Some stunts have stunt prerequisites. If a character possesses the necessary prerequisites, the combined point level of the prerequisites is subtracted from the point level of the stunt that requires them to calculate the final cost in points. Prerequisite stunts are indicated in parentheses after the stunt’s description.

For example: Store Energy, an Energy Shaping stunt, has a point level of 1. Absorb Energy, another Energy Shaping stunt, has a point level of 2. Absorb Energy requires a character to know Store Energy in order to learn it. A character can spend 1 stunt point to learn Store Energy. Later, the character needs to spend only one more stunt point to learn Absorb Energy. Absorb Energy has a point level of 2, but since it is built upon Store Energy, it counts the point spent on Store Energy in it’s total cost, thus only needing one more stunt point to reach the level of 2.

Feats: Unless noted otherwise, a feat is equivalent in value to 2 stunt points. Certain feats can be learned by expending stunt points instead of using a feat slot. Often, these feats are ones which are judged to only be equivalent in value to 1 stunt point.

Drawbacks: Many stunts have one or more drawbacks. This may entail a cost to using the stunt, a risk to its use, or a penalty that comes along with its benefit. Drawbacks have point levels like stunts do. While most stunts with a drawback list a specific drawback, it may be exchanged with a different drawback of an equivalent value with Narrator approval.


The stunts in this list are categorized in three groupings: Martial Techniques, which are oriented with weapons, combat tricks, and martial arts styles; Supernatural Arts, which are stunts that use powers; and finally Skill and Special Stunts, which includes stunts for skills, other abilities such as feats, and some stunts that combine more than one category.


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